The Classic leguano was the original style and the one that officially started the “leguano Revolution”.

Although they were first designed to be barefoot running shoes, their unique characteristics make them ideal for a wide variety of activities. The snug, moisture-wicking material and anti-slip sole makes them perfect for other types of exercises such as yoga, pilates, martial arts, weight training, and fitness classes. The wear-resistant sole provides protection during hiking, camping, and outdoor living. And don’t worry about getting them sweaty or dirty – they are anti-bacterial and machine-washable!!

They are also ideal for casual wear: Quickly slip them on for day-to-day activities such as walking, gardening, or shopping. Just don’t forget to take them off when you go to sleep because after all, they are still “shoes”! 


Upper: 49% polyamide, 33% lyocell (viscose), 7% polypropylene, 9% cotton, 2% elastane
Sole: 100% LIFOLIT®


Our feet are our foundation. We rely on them to carry us throughout each day. Therefore, it is essential that we keep them as healthy and happy as possible!! Going barefoot allows your feet to move freely and gives your foot muscles much needed exercise for a strong and sturdy base of support. By wearing leguanos you get the ultimate protection of shoes with the flexible, breathable, and lightweight comfort of being barefoot! Free your feet with German-made leguano barefoot shoes.


Sizes: XS-XXL

Colors: black or red



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