Undersink Filter System with Replaceable Cartridge and Sediment Prefilter

SKU: easy300

The easyAgua300 is ideally installed under the kitchen counter. Here it provides purified water with a separate faucet OR can even be installed directly inline on the main cold feed to the existing kitchen tap


The easy300 system comes with a replaceable GAC/KDF cartridge, mounting bracket and screws and an additional sediment prefilter.


  • Replaceable Cartridge System with 20.000Ltr. or 5.000 gallon capacity
  • 6 stage filtration and purification system contains GAC and KDF
  • Removes sediment with hypoallergenic multi-micron filtration cartridge
  • Connects to separate, chromed, long-reach faucet
  • Includes easy-installation kit
  • Available inline for direct connection to sink faucet
  • Bacteriostatic media prevents bacteria growth (algae, fungi)
  • Improves taste and color, eliminates odors
  • Reduces most EPA-listed contaminants
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