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"The logo is the spirit of each company. It is not only what represents the company itself, but also what the company is"

When it comes to customising clothing - we do it all - Whether you want embroidery, screenprint – we can quickly deliver your order. Whatever type of clothing you want  you’ll find it in our huge product range. In addition to screenprinting and embroidery we offer everything from simple alterations and branding of merchandise like belts, water bottles, umbrellas, towels etc.

Send us your artwork - required file formats are PDF,EPS, AI, and/or EMB, DST - or we can recreate and digitalise your artwork from photos or drawings if required. Please note we only embroider and print on garmets supplied by Mallorca Clothing Company.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Traditional screen printing is a standard service. Using the latest equipment we are able to re- produce images, logos and text. 

Screenprinting is the best branding method for  large runs.

Priced by the number of colours in your design this is a very inexpensive way to logo your garments. We are able to screen print on practically any garment from t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, polo-shirts  to bags, shorts, jackets, umbrellas and any merchandise you can think of. We can print up 10 colors per design.

  • Great image quality achieved from using latest screen printing technology.

  • Pantone colour reproduction.

  • Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.


We have our own embroidery workshop where everything is customized by our highly trained team. As a general rule, the larger your logo is, the more stitches it will have. As a consequence of this, an industrial embroidery machine will take longer to stitch your design and you will therefore be charged more. Embroidered logos have a look of quality and are more durable than any other form of decoration Our digitisers have decades of experience and know just how to present your logo given the particular fabric.


  • Always stylish and reliable.

  • Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.

  • Madeira Threads used.

  • JPG and PDF file required to guide logo reproduction

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