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SKU: 1004243

Audrey – the only V–neck dress with additional epaulettes.


FEATURES: Audrey – the only V–neck dress with additional epaulettes.
The elegant dress was specially designed for the requirements of the female crew members of superyachts. It is the first uniform dress with epaulettes for rank signs on the market. The easy-care material and the optimal fit make this dress a highlight in modern crew clothing. A special highlight are the figure-flattering seams with the feminine V-neck and the practical pockets on the hips. Another feature is the extra walky-talky pocket on the back hip. The Audrey uniform dress is the absolute must-have for the female crew on superyachts. It can also be worn as an elegant business dress thanks to the optionally removable epaulettes.

• elegant
• knee-length
• figure-hugging seams
• V-neck
• optional epaulettes
• side pockets
• optimal fit
• short sleeve
• extra pocket for walky-talky
• loops for belt
• side zip for easy on and off
• easy care
• high wearing comfort

matching epaulettes
• 1004260 Epaulettes Captain
• 1004261 Epaulettes 1st Officer
• 1004266 Epaulettes Chief Engineer
• 1004267 Epaulettes 1st Engineer
• 1004268 Epaulettes 2nd Engineer
• 1004263 Epaulettes Chief Stewardess
• 1004264 Epaulettes 1st Stewardess
• 1004265 Epaulettes 2nd Stewardess
• 1004269 Epaulettes Chef
• 1004270 Epaulettes 1st Chef
• 1004271 Epaulettes 2nd Chef


FABRIC: 85% polyester, 15% elastane


COLOR: Black


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