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Deluxe Undersink Filter with Sediment Prefilter

Deluxe Undersink Filter with Sediment Prefilter

SKU: easy400

The easyAgua400 is ideally installed under the kitchen counter. Here it provides purified water with a separate faucet OR can even be installed directly inline on the main cold feed to the existing kitchen tap. Due to upflow design and high flow rate in excess of 7.6 litres per minute.


  • 6-stage filtration and purification system with sealed construction
  • 130.000Ltr. or 35.000 gallon capacity
  • Installs under the sink, out of sight
  • Includes easy-installation kit
  • Includes sediment prefilter to prolong the life of the filter
  • Connects to separate, chromed, long-reach faucet
  • Available inline for direct connection to sink faucet
  • Bacteriostatic media prevents bacteria growth (algae, fungi)
  • Improves taste and color, eliminates odors
  • Reduces most EPA-listed contaminants




Also the best water purification system for commercial offices instead of a costly watercooler, or in a commercial kitchen for improved water quality to vending machines and catering equipment. Saves you money, more environmentally friendly and less hassle for maintenance teams.

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